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Alberto KORDA
Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez (Havana, September 14th, 1928 –May 25th, 2001)

Together with Luis Peirce he settled the Estudios KORDA in El Vedado, in 1956. From 1959 to 1969 he worked as photographer of Revolución newspaper and as personal photographer of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.. He was founding member of the Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (UNEAC), (Association of Writers and Artists of Cuba) undersea photographer, and since 1980 he also dedicated to fashion photography and worked as director of photography of Opina. magazine. He worked as jury in numerous salons and contests. Among the numerous awards he won in his career are the Order for the National Culture (of Cuba) in 1982 and the First Degree Félix Varela Order in 1994, both conferred by the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba.

Personal and Collective Exhibitions (Selections)

1961 Sketches and photographies on May 1st, Municipal Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

1962 Exhibition saluting the World Youth and Students Festival, Helsinki, Finland. 10 Years of Revolution, National Museum, Havana, Cuba.

1971 I “July 26th“, National Salon of Photography , UPEC (Association of Journalists of Cuba), Havana, Cuba.

1975 V “July 26th National Salon of Photography , UPEC, (Association of Journalists of Cuba), Santa Clara, Cuba.

1978 “Made in Latin America” . First Showcase of Contemporary Latin American Photography. First Latin American Colloquium of P¨hotography, Museum of Modern Art. Mexico City. Mexico..

1979 “History of the Cuban photography” , “Carrillo Gil” Art Museum Mexico City, Mexico. “Made in Latin America”, Venice ´79 Photography, Venice, Itay.

1980 “Two Revolutionary moments revolucionarios” , Mexican Council of Photography, Mexico City, Mexico. UNEAC´80Visual Arts Salon, International Art Center , Havana City, Cuba.

1982 Corale, Award on cuban Photography. Havana City. Cuba,.

1983 Thirteen pictures for History, Museo de la Marcha del Pueblo Combatiente (Museum of the March of the Combatant People), Havana City, Cuba.

1985 Alberto KORDA, Galería H, Diafragma-Canon, Milan, Italy.

1986 Moments for history, “Servando Cabrera Moreno” Gallery , Havana City, Cuba.

1988 From 30 years of the Victory of the Cuban Revolution. Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez “KORDA” , Treviso, Italy. Alberto KORDA. Moments of History, Sicily, Italy. Mayito and KORDA exhibit, Cultural Centre of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1989 Raúl Corrales / José A. Figueroa/ Mario García Joya (Mayito) / Alberto Korda, París, France. Alberto Korda, State Library of Río de Janeiro, Brazil.

1990 Che Guevara, a 21st Century Man. Alberto Korda´s photographies, Jour Agnes B Gallery, Paris France. Che Guevara: Man or Myth, Oslo, Norway. Photographers of Cuba. Alberto Korda, Raúl Corrales, Abelardo Rodríguez, Galería Vicente Gabriel Gahona, Mérida, Mexico.

1991 Moments of History, Espacio Abierto Gallery, Revolución y Cultura magazine, Havana, Cuba. Alberto Díaz (Korda) , People Express, Barcelona, Sapin. Che Guevara (Alberto Korda, Humberto Castro, Arcay) , Nesle Gallery, París, France. Once upon a time... a Revolution. Alberto Díaz "Korda", 4th Biennial of Photography, Córdoba, Spain.

1992 Alberto Díaz "Korda" and Osvaldo Salas, Railowsky Gallery, Valencia, Spain. Alberto Díaz "Korda" Nueva Imagen (New Image) Phtogallery, Pamplona, Spain

1994 Fragmented Realities f (Paz Errázuriz/ Edgar Moreno/ Korda) Photographic essay Award, Galería L, Havana City, Cuba.

1996 Che Guevara: Moments of his life in Cuba, La Guarida Restaurant, Havana, Cuba.

1997 Che Photos. Korda, Recoleta Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1998 de Alberto Korda´s “Che”, Parpalló Hall, Valencia, Spain. Cuba: 100 years of photographya, Casa de América, Madrid, Spain. Alberto Korda. Retrospective exhibition, Fototeca de Cuba, Havana City, Cuba. Alberto Korda, Couturier Gallery, Los Angeles, United States of America. Alberto Korda: Diary of a Revolution, Photographic Centre Gallery, Seattle, United States of America.

1999 Alberto Korda, Alliance Francaise, Mexico City, Mexico. Alberto Korda. Fotoutstilling, Oslo, Norway.

2000 Cuba Sí! (Cuba Yes) 50 Years of Cuban Photography, Royal National Theatre, London, Great Britain

His work can be found in collections of Cuba, Italy, France, United States of America and Mexico.

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