Santiago CHAGO Armada

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Santiago CHAGO Armada
Santiago CHAGO Armada Suárez (Palma Soriano, Santiago de Cuba, June 20, 1937 –Havana, 1995)

He published his first humor drawings on the pages on two magazines from Santiago de Cuba: Mercurio and Ahora.

He studied bookkeeping and took part in the struggle against Batista’s regime as a member of the M-26-7 and the Rebel Army at the Sierra Maestra, where he also worked in the editorial staff of El Cubano Libre. He wrote most of the songs sung by El Quinteto Rebelde through the Radio Rebelde station and created the comics character Julito 26 (in May, 1958).

He was founder of the humor weekly magazine El Pitirre (1960) and created the controversial character Salomón (Revolución newspaper, 1961). In 1963 he published a book: El Humor Otro. And since 1965 he redefined the sense of his humor as HUMOR GNOSIS.

A humorist, designer, painter and writer, he was also the artistic director at Ediciones R and Ediciones Granma publishing houses; as well as at the Granma newspaper, where he worked as a designer for a long time.

His drawings were published in almost all of the national press, as well as in foreign publications like OPUS International (France), Il Caffé (Italy), Sucesos (Mexico), Liberation and The New York Times (U.S.A), among others.

He made four individual exhibitions and countless collective exhibitions in Cuba and worldwide. He won prizes and mentions for his work as a humorist, designer and journalist. His works are exhibited in museums y private collections in Cuba and other countries.

He was a member of the UNEAC, UPEC and OIP, and participated as a jury member at numerous exhibitions.