Rita Longa

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Rita Longa
(Havana, 1912-2000)

She was born in Havana on June14, 1912 and dies in that sme city on May 29, 2000. Rita Longa’s works have guaranteed permanency; urban alterations, environmental disasters, changes in aesthetics and fashion have not affected the communicative effectiveness of her work. Down-to-earth themes linked to different demands have left a trail including the work Cancer, 1945, Prize of the Gold Medal Exhibition of the Architectural Leage of New York; Shape, Space and Light, marble placed on the façade of the Palace of Fine Arts or the Indian Hatuey, bronze, which became the symbol of the famous homonymous beer. Rita Longa, therefore, was linked to important undertakings in the life of the nation, as when she made the reliefs of The Muses and the sculpture Illusion for the Payret theater or Ballerina, symbol of the internationally known Cabaret Tropicana; The Forest of the Heroes, in Santiago de Cuba, The Death of the Swan, in the Gardens of the Teatro Nacional in Revolution Square, Havana, and Truncated Figure, terracota in 1937, which won Second Prize in the 2nd National Painting and Sculpture Exhibit, 1938.

Prizes Awarded
1996 “Félix Varela Order”
1995 National Visual Arts Prize
1982 “Alejo Carpentier” Medal