Antonio Vidal

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Antonio Vidal
(Havana, 1928)

He studied in the Villate Academy. He exhibited his work for the first time in 1952. In April 1953 he forms part of the group “Los Once” (The Eleven), which exhibits in Cuba for several years. He was a founder of the Writers and Artists Association of Cuba (UNEAC) and the Engraving Experimental Workshop of Cathedral Square.
He has participated in more than 100 collective and personal expositions, both in Cuba and abroad.
He received the National Visual Arts Prize in 1999.

1967 Antonio Vidal. Inks. Habana Gallery, Havana.
1991 Antonio Vidal. Paintings. Habana Gallery, Havana.
Antonio Vidal. Imago Exhibit, García Lorca Cultural Complex, Havana.
Collages. Los Vitrales Gallery. FCBA, Havana.
1993 Antonio Vidal. 40 Years in Plastic Art. Galiano Gallery, Havana.
Collective expositions
1952 Vidal in the headquarters of the Cuban Central Workers Union (CTC) (along with Guido Linás, Antonia Eiriz and Manolo). Havana.
1953 Fifteen Young Painters and Sculptors. Nuestro Tiempo Gallery, Havana.
Eleven young Painters and Sculptors. La Rampa Gallery, Havana.
The Eleven. Painters and Sculptors. Havana Lyceum, Havana.
The Eleven. Fine Arts Circle, Havana.
1954 Itinerant Exposition. Universidad Central de Las Villas, Santa Clara.
1955 ContraBiennial de La Habana. Havana.
Contemporary Cuban Group. South-American Gallery, New York.
1956 Contemporary Paintings and Sculptures. Anti-Sala Nacional, Havana.
1957 Cuban Abstract Painting. Sardio Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela.
1959 National Exhibit. Palace of Fine Arts, Havana.
1960 Cuba Pavillion. Second Mexico City Biennial.
Contemporary Cuban Painting. Caracas, Venezuela.
1961 6th Sao Paolo Biennial. Sao Paolo, Brazil.
1962 National Exhibit of 1962. Havana.
Itinerant Exposition to Czechoslovakia, Rumania, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria and the Soviet Union.
1963 Abstract Expressionism. Habana Gallery, Havana..
1965 Ten Cuban Painters. Itinerant Exposition. Austria, Poland, Italy, Czechoslovakia and Hungary.
1966 First International Engraving Biennial. Cracow, Poland.
5th International Engraving Biennial of Tokyo. Modern Art Museum, Japan.
1967 Exhibition of Contemporary Cuban Painting. Galerie libre, Montreal, Canada.
1968 Contemporary Cuban Painting. UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico.
6ta International Engraving Biennial of Tokyo, Japan.
Cuban Painting Today. Latin-American Institute of Rome, Italy.
1973 1st National Teachers Exhibit. National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana.
1975 3rd National Teachers Exhibit. Havana.
Contemporary Cuban Art. Itinerant Exposition. Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway.
1992 Universal Exposition of Seville. Cuban Pavillion, Spain.
Cuban Art Fair. Madrid, Spain.
1994 Cuban Culture Today. Santiago de Chile.
Homage to Cuban Culture. Lima, Peru.
1997 Guido Llinás and Los Once after Cuba. Miami, Florida, USA
One Hundred Years of Cuban Painting 1898- 1998. Nice, France
1998 Live Abstraction. Wifredo Lam Center, Havana.

Main Collections

National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana. Cuba.
La Acacia Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
Headquarters of the Council of Stte of the Republic of Cuba.
Centers of the Scientific Park of Havana, Cuba.
Conference Center, Havana, Cuba.
Diplomatic missions of the Republic of Cuba abroad.


Cover designs and illustrations of books and magazines.
Publication of the Drawings textbook by Antonio Vidal, 1977, edit. UNEAC, Havana, Cuba.
Painting of murals of medium and large format in interiors and exteriors.