Jilma Madera

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Jilma Madera
(Pinar del Rio, 1915- La Habana, 2000)

She made her first studies at San Alejandro's Painting and Sculpture National School, located in Havana, and continued at the New York's Arts Student League, USA, and in Mexico.

She worked and made some exhibitions at New York's Sculpture Center, in USA, and exhibited other works at the City of Havana Local Council (Ayuntamiento de la Habana), the Lyceum and Lawn Tennis Club, and some painting and sculpture national exhibition halls, in Cuba.

Jilma also participated in the first edition of the Spanish-American Biennial, held in Madrid, and in the second Spanish-America Biennial, celebrated in 1954, at Havana, Cuba. There, she obtained an award. She made other exhibitions at the Visual Arts School in Santa Clara, and the Dentist Association Building, among others. But none of this can be compared with the value of her daily works. Among these we can mention: the monument to the Perez family at El Cacahual, another monument at Casablanca Asylum, and one monument and a bust of General Peraza found at Rancho Boyeros Polytechnic. One more dedicated to the memory of Adolfo del Castillo in the regiment of Managua, a portrait gallery on Finlay's Medical Institute, and some religious decorative images.

Out of Cuba, she made other works: at Roberts Tobacco Co., at the Teacher College of Columbia University, in New York. There are also two monuments dedicated to Shakespeare and Cervantes that were located at Vedado's St. Georges School, as well as decorative murals exhibited at the former cinema City Hall.

In May, 1953 she placed at the top of Turquino Peak a bust of the Apostle Jose MartÝ, by initiative of the Former Students of Marti Seminar, with the participation of the Dr. Manuel Sanchez Liveira and his daughter, the unforgettable Celia Sanchez Manduley.

Her last outstanding work was the Christ of Havana, in 1958.

In 1960 the artist's work was interrupted as consequence of an ocular affection; nevertheless, Jilma continued working in the Literacy Campaign, teaching languages. She was decorated with the Frank Pais medal for her work within Cuban Education System. She also did a great job as cultural promoter.